The first and the only online magazine about nonviolence in Russian

— What could be more important in this life than learning not to harm and not to kill other people?

This magazine is about our common crime against God, life and love, which immediately devalues all our good deeds and worthy endeavors. Namely, it is about legalized opposition to evil by violence: murders and mutilations of people for the reasons of protection of own life, the motherland and those, who are close.

Each of us was born into this world not knowing that had to participate in violence very day. However, as time passes by, the feelings of disgust and horror that every child feels, falls apart into indifference and loyalty to threat and murder, which are said to pay back with the personal security.

Each of us morally and materially supports the existence of army, police and other power structures, the work of whom is called to “protect” and to “prevent”, but, practically, carries out threats of murders, and direct harm and deaths of people.

непротивление злу насилием

NONVIOLENCE.RU – is a magazine about how to stop participating in it. How to stop to be in need and how to stop taking part in the common crime: murders and mutilations of people.

Our duty to ourselves is to rekindle this repulsive feeling towards violence and make up a solution, which would allow us to get rid of the need and participation in threatening and slaughter. Right now and right here, without loosing precious time of our lives, without waiting for others to awake.

1  Recognize your own role in the crime against people lives.
2  Lean the examples of the non-resistance, our contemporaries.
3  Find out the way how to stop the need and participation in killing people.
4  Offer your method, share the experience.
5  Take actions!

For each, who seriously thinks of himself as of a concerned human being (not to mention, a Christian) it has to become clear: the lifestyle, accompanied by threats and violence – is a wrong lifestyle, and it has to be changed.

To change it – it means now, setting aside any other things or beginnings, to start learning how to stop being in need and taking part in murders and mutilations of people.


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непротивление злу насилием, ненасилие



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